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Garage sale locations


Here is the list so far for both communities

10 Canby Street, Port Robinson
63 Canby Street, Port Robinson
120 Canby Street, Port Robinson (this is NTEC) multiple sellers

123 Canby street, Port Robinson
91 Canby Street, Port Robinson
41 Biggar Rd, Port Robinson
40 South Main Street, Port Robinson
38 Hamilton Blvd, Port Robinson
8 Hamilton Blvd, Port Robinson
79 Ross Street, Port Robinson
9 Margaret Street, Port Robinson
16 Dufferin Avenue, Port Robinson
93 Bridge Street East, Port Robinson
28 Bridge Street East, Port Robinson
18 Bridge Street West, Port Robinson
1456 Allanport Rd, Port Robinson
9 Misener Rd, Port Robinson
637 Lyon’s creek Rd, Cooks Mills
630 Lyon’s creek Rd, Cooks Mills Hall multiple sellers
136 Pearson Rd., Cooks Mills

593 Lyon’s Creek Rd

Corner of Guest and Lyon’s Creek Rd