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For Cooks Mills Hall or Pavillion rentals please call:
905-735-1700 ex 4000 any day of the week
Hall is located at 630 Lyon’s Creek Rd.

  1. I have lived in Cooks Mills all my life.Being born and raised here I have tried and tried to have the police have radar on Lyons Creek Rd. between Darby Rd. and Doans Ridge Rd.I did get the city of Welland to put up speed limits signs at both ends between Darby and Doans Ridge Rds.There are small children that live close by and I am feared that one of these children will be hit by a speeding vehicle.I’m hoping that you might be able to help with and maybe even trying a radar speed sign.I’m sure that once drivers see that the police are out here watching ,the drivers will take another way home.Thankyou.Jim

  2. I was wondering if there will be a meeting this tuesday.

  3. Sorry Marie was off and missed this. We did not meet. Did you have a topic you would like to discuss?

  4. Hey all, wondering if anyone else is bothered by the pipe noise emanating from the Welded Pipe plant? Seems to be getting louder and ocurring at later hours.

  5. Are you going a garage sale list for this year?

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