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List of houses signed up for June 4, 2016 2 community garage sale

The list of houses having a garage sale during our annual 2 community garage sale is growing! Get your house on the list! Still lots of time. We do ask that people advertise their sales to ensure maximum visitors!  View in Interactive Google Map

399 Darby Rd
637 Lyon’s Creek Rd
850 Lyon’s Creek Rd
136 Pearson Road
630 Lyon’s Creek Rd.
444 Lyon’s Creek Rd
551 Lyon’s Creek Rd
631 Lyons Creek Rd
679 Lyons Creek Rd l
656 Lyons Creek Rd
525 Lyons Creek Rd

1448 Allanport Rd
1452 Allanport Rd
1456 Allanport Rd
14 South Street South
18 Biggar Rd
33 Biggar Rd
11 Connaght Ave
12 Margaret Ave
17 Margaret Ave
41 Hamilton Blvd
28 Bridge Street (volunteer firefighters car wash right across the street)
40 South Main Street
46 South Street North
51 South Street North
93 South Street North
63 Canby Street
86 Canby Street — will be selling antiques and vintage glassware and china
91 Canby Street
130 Canby
120 Canby Street—- NTEC (many tables are being set up here!! Plus the plant blowout sale and the community bbq)


June 4th, 2016 – 4th Annual Garage Sale – 2 communities

It’s spring cleaning time, join us in our 2 community garage sale – Cooks Mills and Port Robinson.  Send us your address for the garage sale and we will include in our map and promotion.  We also suggest you advertise your sale to ensure maximum traffic!

Garage sale