Marsha needs our help!


If just hearing about this listen to her interview at

The SECOND NEW petition that specifically speaks to the expropriation of her home by Council. She needs to get this into the Clerks hands Jan 25th!

How can we do that? Here’s how *** Please remember at all times to Stay Safe! *** 

Download, Sign & Email.  Return by 8pm Monday Jan 25, 2021 to


No printer?  You can sign on your phone (android or computer tutorial) return signed digital copy to same email.

If you can – when out doing an essential trip, drop off in mailbox or mail to 349 Ridge Rd, Welland, ON L3B 5N7 so she has original.  There will also be a copy in this mailbox if you would like to stop and sign.

Thanks for helping – this is how a community works together. This could be any one of us. 

By working together, no one stands alone.


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  1. Hello,
    Have you thought of starting a petition for this through something like There was another farming family in Ontario that did this and it garnered so much worldwide bad publicity for the town council and school district that were trying to take the land that the expropriation was stopped. Petition platforms like automatically send out petitions to people that have signed other petitions so it is a massive audience that keeps growing.
    I wish Marsha all the best and hope she wins.
    Christine Silva ( Victoria, BC)

  2. This is just wrong in evert way.

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